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Module 9: Outsourcing
Let us show you how you can outsource some of the more mundane tasks so that you can save some of your time.
Module 9 Information

Video time: 7:29

At the conclusion of this module you will have an excellent method of outsourcing your reports, keyword research, and the whole shebang!
Resources and Tips
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    TIP: Don't get sucked into using Fiverr for traffic, it does not work. In the early days I tried Fiverr traffic, someone posted my ad to 200,000 people on their social networks. I got 7 clicks for $35. Thats $5 per click, that's terrible. So I tried another source, I got 200 visitors per day for 30 days, I got 0 opt-ins, that's terrible. And finally I tried again (silly me) all I did was throw good money after bad. Please don't be tempted to use Fiverr for traffic.
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